Friday, 31 August 2012

Hydraulic Manual Material Handling

The company has introduced ‘STACK EASY’ Hand Pallet Trucks Electric Pallet Trucks, Manual & Battery Stackers of various capacities & sizes, Drum Lifter-cum-Tilter, Drum Carrier,  Scissor Lifting Tables, Hydraulic Lifting Equipments, Rough-Terrain Truck, Manual Platform Trucks and other Material Handling Equipments in India. Well known for world class quality of every product & service after sales. 

TUFIT Tempreture Gauges

TUFIT Temperature gauges are economical, rugged, reliable, temperature measuring instruments. The bimetal helix is properly heated, coated with viscous silicon to minimize pointer oscillation and improve temperature transmission.




The TUFIT Hydraulic Accessories programme has been carefully designed to offer a range of components suited to the demands of building hydraulic systems in most industrial and mobile applications. Whether you require simple filler breathers, level gauges, gear couplings, suction strainers complete filter units. The TUFIT Hydraulic Accessories range should provide you with the choice you need. At TUFIT we are aware of the ongoing development and innovation within the hydraulic industry. We strive to keep up with and further develop the latest technology and to bring the benefit of any such improvements directly to the customer. Additionally we are always prepared to consider custom built products, if you have a special need. We ensure that your most urgent requirements are met by keeping a large and comprehensive stock holding both in Germany and in our overseas locations. Features:- Comprehensive choice Immediate delivery High quality standard


We present to our clients a premium range of Hydraulic Gear Pumps. These products are manufactured under high-tech engineering facilities to successfully meet the requirements of our clients. Our product range has gained prominence due to features like modular design, dimensional interchangeability with most other gear pumps, easy usage and low maintenance cost. Some of their key features are:
• Long pump life
• Low noise level
• Compact size
• Pressure range up to 250 BAR
• Available 1.2litre to 100 liter


TUFIT Electronic Timer Controlled Auto Drain Valves are a crucial part of the compressed air system. Condensate drain valves remove condensate from the air system without losing excessive compressed air and without shutting down the system. Condensate can have harmful effects on a system when not removed. For instance, moisture can wash lubrication from air tools and production equipment causing downtime and maintenance; an inconsistent supply of dry air can cause production quality problems; and excessive rust and scale can form in the air distribution system. Also, water can back up into the compressor and wreck the machinery, air dryers can become overloaded, and in-line filters can be destroyed.